Aryan Goddess Proud to be a Racist

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lol So I get this so called white guy sending me an email on niteflirt about me being a nigger hater and a racist. Duh a bit slow witted now aren’t you? Unlike you I’m not betraying my race and never will. This twit thinks it’s something to be proud that he’s married to a nasty ass sheboon. I can see it now; dumbass white guy with big lipped sheboon ape with there house full of niglets all being taken care of by Welfare. Oh yes you surely do have something to be proud of, indeed you stand tall like an idiot being proud of yourself for betraying your race. So yes dipshit I am a racist, I’m an Aryan Goddess; I love my white race, and am damn proud of it! The only use I have for a dirty stinking nigger is to mow my lawn, pick my weeds, and bow to this White Mistress like the lowly dog an yardape is in servitude.

Now I do so hope we understand each other. Then again I doubt you’re smart enough to understand what I’ve written from the badly written email you sent me. Sounded like a fucking 6 year old trying to write a letter for the first time. Okay I lied; a 6 year old could do a better job, as long as he or she is white. I’m going to laugh some more now at the sad nigger loving white trash moron. Later

racialnigger 300x224 Aryan Goddess Proud to be a Racist

Aryan Goddess Views on Nigger Black Friday

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Ever notice that on Black Friday it’s mostly niggers crowding the stores, filling there buggies with loads of high priced items and in most cases paying cash? And as things keep getting worse for the white race, people losing there jobs, homes way of life, there are fewer and fewer whites crowding in for what use to be the best sell of the year, the best time to get that item that you’ve longed for but hated to pay such a high price for it. Yet each year the coons pull up in the parking lots, SUV’s loaded to the max with yardapes of all ages, and yes tipping the scale at well over 300lbs each heading into the stores, crowding all the aisles an grabbing all the high priced items. Every family member except the niggelts of course each have a shopping cart, with one purpose and that is fill it up with videos games, TV’s, Xbox, stereos, laptops, you name it what ever the fat ass jigboos desire they grab. After all they’ve been sitting around all year getting every form of Welfare offered, check per each nigglet “after all we all know those sheboons are sitting on a gold mine”, SSI, plus working jobs getting paid under the table, Medicaid, so no need to worry about doctor bills or paying for medications, no having to pay taxes since they sure as hell don’t report that under the table income, and lets not forget good old EBT cards so no need to pay for food, we cover all that shit for them with our taxes. So the baboons get to save up all year for this wonderful day which is why I think it should now be official that Black Friday is Nigger Day!! And since they have that dipshit coon Obama in offices that they stupidly voted in twice changing Black Friday to Nigger Day should be no problem what so ever. So there you go Porch Monkeies yet another day dedicated to the number 1 loser race of all fucking time, the most ignorate race of all time, and yet the ugliest race of all time, Black Friday Nigger Day. Now go fourth and spend money the Aryan Race has worked hard for and might I just say never agreed to take care of your sorry useless race till the end of time, enjoy it while you can, you see those that sit on there assess tend to wake up one day and find the free ride is over and oh shit what the hell will you do then? God forbid you have to get a job. When that day comes this White Mistress will be laughing her beautiful ass off.

WMBlackFri 300x118 Aryan Goddess Views on Nigger Black Friday

Aryan Goddess Foot Worship

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So many of you Niggers and Jews have been begging to worship my feet that I thought I would add a picture of my lovely feet to taunt you. You see you can look all you want, close your eyes and fantasize about running your hand over my soft feet, caressing them but when it’s all said and done that’s as close as you’re going to get to my beautiful white feet. After all your nothing but a lowly dog not worthy of touching my feet, hell your not even worthy of being in the same room with a Goddess as pure as myself. But who knows, if you prove to be a good lap dog perhaps I will let you bath my feet after I allow you to suck my toes.

footworship 225x300 Aryan Goddess Foot Worship

Aryan Goddess Laughs at Dirty Mexican

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I had a Hispanic male contact me about financial domination and racial humiliation. Asking this question makes me wonder just how stupid this beaner really is. I mean really the site is after all called White Mistress, and it does say in the banner at the top of the page that I do offer Financial Blackmail, so why ask such a stupid question? Silly border rat sent me five comments and one email to niteflirt begging to be blackmailed. But as is the way of dirty Mexicans he didn’t have the money to play my rape the wallet game. Either that or he doesn’t Spic a no English, lol admit it that’s how most of you orange pickers talk or as I call all you greasers, Boarder Niggers.

Aryan Goddess Loves a Good Foot Slave

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I so enjoy having foot slaves begging for a chance to worship my Aryan feet. I have to say though; I find lowly Jews to be the best foot slaves. It’s amusing to watch them while they massage my soft feet so eager to please and serve their White Mistress. After all I am from the pure race and I’m use to being pampered by those beneath me. So how about it; any of you worthless Jews up to being my foot slave?

ft 300x225 Aryan Goddess Loves a Good Foot Slave

Niggers, Jews, Muslims, Asians and Pakies

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Well hello their; I’m the White Mistress of your dreams, so all you niggers, Jews, Sand niggers, Asians and Pakies have come to the right place. I’m a pure Aryan Goddess; I have no problem with racial humiliation, religious domination, financial blackmail or small cock humiliation. Any and all are fair game and I’m always up to laughing at your sorry asses, and yes taking all of your money. If you have the balls to call a real Southern Mistress then click my call button.

bitch 300x224 Niggers, Jews, Muslims, Asians and Pakies