Aryan Goddess Foot Worship

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So many of you Niggers and Jews have been begging to worship my feet that I thought I would add a picture of my lovely feet to taunt you. You see you can look all you want, close your eyes and fantasize about running your hand over my soft feet, caressing them but when it’s all said and done that’s as close as you’re going to get to my beautiful white feet. After all your nothing but a lowly dog not worthy of touching my feet, hell your not even worthy of being in the same room with a Goddess as pure as myself. But who knows, if you prove to be a good lap dog perhaps I will let you bath my feet after I allow you to suck my toes.

footworship 225x300 Aryan Goddess Foot Worship

Would you like to sniff my pure Aryan Ass?

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Come on now we all know you dream about sniffing my Aryan Ass. Look how nice and round my pure butt is, and the lovely shade of white all you sad niggers dream of touching and fucking. I can see you now sitting there with your eyes closed picturing your dark hands on my creamy bum. Who knows; if you’re a good coon I might just let you sniff, touch and lick my sweet ass…

ass8 225x300 Would you like to sniff my pure Aryan Ass?

Niggers, Jews, Muslims, Asians and Pakies

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Well hello their; I’m the White Mistress of your dreams, so all you niggers, Jews, Sand niggers, Asians and Pakies have come to the right place. I’m a pure Aryan Goddess; I have no problem with racial humiliation, religious domination, financial blackmail or small cock humiliation. Any and all are fair game and I’m always up to laughing at your sorry asses, and yes taking all of your money. If you have the balls to call a real Southern Mistress then click my call button.

bitch 300x224 Niggers, Jews, Muslims, Asians and Pakies