Aryan Goddess Niggers Kiss my Ass

I know and you know that niggers were put on this earth to serve the superior race. So take a good look at my beautiful white ass because that’s as close to kissing my royal ass any of you nasty coons will ever get. That also goes for all of you pitiful sand niggers. Take a look at how hot my pale ass is, that’s right none of those big ass hoodrats you call women have a butt this damn sexy. So there for I will torment you sad yardapes with something you will never be able to have.

aryanmistressass 225x300 Aryan Goddess Niggers Kiss my Ass

Racial Mistress Foot Worship

So you think you’re up to serving this White Mistress? LoL To that I would have to say I beg to differ. You see many of you sad losers drool while looking at my sexy body, dream of kneeling at my pure white feet, longing to suck on my beautiful toes. But at the end of the day you are still nothing but a lowly dog, and never will impress this Goddess so therefore you will never be noticed. One could say that if I stepped in shit, my shoe would get more attention while cleaning the crap off then any of you losers.

So since we already know how stupid you are I will give you a little bit of advice. If you want to knell at my Aryan feet then you must strive to impress me. Other wise you will remain unnoticed and keep on living your sad life as the worthless pile of shit that you are.


whitemistressfoot2 225x300 Racial Mistress Foot Worship

Aryan Goddess Proud to be a Racist

lol So I get this so called white guy sending me an email on niteflirt about me being a nigger hater and a racist. Duh a bit slow witted now aren’t you? Unlike you I’m not betraying my race and never will. This twit thinks it’s something to be proud that he’s married to a nasty ass sheboon. I can see it now; dumbass white guy with big lipped sheboon ape with there house full of niglets all being taken care of by Welfare. Oh yes you surely do have something to be proud of, indeed you stand tall like an idiot being proud of yourself for betraying your race. So yes dipshit I am a racist, I’m an Aryan Goddess; I love my white race, and am damn proud of it! The only use I have for a dirty stinking nigger is to mow my lawn, pick my weeds, and bow to this White Mistress like the lowly dog an yardape is in servitude.

Now I do so hope we understand each other. Then again I doubt you’re smart enough to understand what I’ve written from the badly written email you sent me. Sounded like a fucking 6 year old trying to write a letter for the first time. Okay I lied; a 6 year old could do a better job, as long as he or she is white. I’m going to laugh some more now at the sad nigger loving white trash moron. Later

racialnigger 300x224 Aryan Goddess Proud to be a Racist

Aryan Goddess Views on Nigger Black Friday

Ever notice that on Black Friday it’s mostly niggers crowding the stores, filling there buggies with loads of high priced items and in most cases paying cash? And as things keep getting worse for the white race, people losing there jobs, homes way of life, there are fewer and fewer whites crowding in for what use to be the best sell of the year, the best time to get that item that you’ve longed for but hated to pay such a high price for it. Yet each year the coons pull up in the parking lots, SUV’s loaded to the max with yardapes of all ages, and yes tipping the scale at well over 300lbs each heading into the stores, crowding all the aisles an grabbing all the high priced items. Every family member except the niggelts of course each have a shopping cart, with one purpose and that is fill it up with videos games, TV’s, Xbox, stereos, laptops, you name it what ever the fat ass jigboos desire they grab. After all they’ve been sitting around all year getting every form of Welfare offered, check per each nigglet “after all we all know those sheboons are sitting on a gold mine”, SSI, plus working jobs getting paid under the table, Medicaid, so no need to worry about doctor bills or paying for medications, no having to pay taxes since they sure as hell don’t report that under the table income, and lets not forget good old EBT cards so no need to pay for food, we cover all that shit for them with our taxes. So the baboons get to save up all year for this wonderful day which is why I think it should now be official that Black Friday is Nigger Day!! And since they have that dipshit coon Obama in offices that they stupidly voted in twice changing Black Friday to Nigger Day should be no problem what so ever. So there you go Porch Monkeies yet another day dedicated to the number 1 loser race of all fucking time, the most ignorate race of all time, and yet the ugliest race of all time, Black Friday Nigger Day. Now go fourth and spend money the Aryan Race has worked hard for and might I just say never agreed to take care of your sorry useless race till the end of time, enjoy it while you can, you see those that sit on there assess tend to wake up one day and find the free ride is over and oh shit what the hell will you do then? God forbid you have to get a job. When that day comes this White Mistress will be laughing her beautiful ass off.

WMBlackFri 300x118 Aryan Goddess Views on Nigger Black Friday

Aryan Goddess Blackmail Domination

This is what I like to call White Mistresses Blackmail fun with sad Paki slave. I’m not known for being a nice Mistress or one that will take pity on your loser ass. What I am known for is being cruel and enjoying every moment of torturing slaves that displease me or hell just for the fun of it because I just have so much damn fun tormenting you losers. So it should come as no surprise that I’m going to have fun mind fucking poor sad paki slave or as I like to call him, fucktwit. Here’s how it’s going to work. I have the original picture; I’ve blacked out everything in the pic except a little bit of the dirty pakies face. Now every few days I’m going to unveil a little bit more of his ugly face till his whole face is revealed for one and all to see. That means sad paki that you’re friends, family and those you work with will see this pic if any of them are like you and have a fetish. So sit back, enjoy while I make this sad loser suffer, never knowing when his whole face will be uncovered or who may see it. LMAO! I’m going to have one hell of a good time. Enjoy…

Update 10/9/13

blackmailpaki1 300x168 Aryan Goddess Blackmail Domination

Aryan Goddess Lesson in Blackmail Domination

There once was a loser paki slave that wanted to play the Blackmail game. He begged this Aryan Goddess for a chance to be one of her lowly dune coons, promised to crawl on his knees to please, to pray to ME his one true God each and every night kneeling on the cold hard floor with knees bare, proclaimed he would be obedient, and yet dear sad Muslim you failed my test. You proved to me that you are nothing but a lazy sand nigger, you didn’t report to your Mistress each and everyday as you were told, you didn’t please your Goddess and you haven’t paid your Blackmail Domination Fee. So now we are going to do things the fun way, the way this Goddess loves.

So here’s how things are going to go now. I’m going to post personal information about your sad paki ass, picture, profession, where you live and what ever else I choose to post. I will be tweeting including the link to my website every hour “except when Goddess goes to bed” until you pay your blackmail fee. Perhaps your flat mates would be interested in knowing how sad a loser you are. You boss might find it interesting how you have no back bone, crawl on your knees for the Aryan race, shun your Muslim race and religion. Hate Allah and pray to Me the Aryan God of your dreams. Let’s see; what was it you said you went to school for, oh yes Astronautics and Space Engineering. And you had to move from London and now live with your flat mates in Milton Keynes. lol By the time I’m done with your loser sand nigger ass you will be begging me to please have mercy. I will teach you the true meaning of Financial Blackmail and Servitude and might I just say enjoy each and every moment of the torment I put you through. You see sad paki either way I will win, you cough up the money I win, you don’t pay I still win because I will ruin your sad little life. Try holding your head up at work after I’m done with you, it will be safe to say you will have no safe place to go. You will always be wondering if that person is looking at you because they know what a sick little worm you are, or if that group of people laughing over there are laughing at you. I know I’m laughing and this Aryan Queen is looking forward to the cruel fun I’m going to have at your expense. Oh and by the way to spice this up even more I’m going to include a picture of your sad Muslim ass. In this picture the sad dune coon has a beard but he doesn’t have one now since he’s shunned his religion so this should make it easier for others to know who you are lazy grunt pig. Tic toc loser best better hop to it before everyone you know sees your pic.

PS: Sad loser goes by DDP_Pakislave on twitter and on Skype an Yahoo his username is fh191987. Let the games begin in what I like to call “Lessons in Servitude”.

For now sad Sand Niggers face has been covered. But if he doesn’t do as he is suppose to the one with his face will go back up.

DSCN00501 300x168 Aryan Goddess Lesson in Blackmail Domination

Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

When it comes to Blackmail slave fakes this Aryan Goddess isn’t fooled. I will however play you and make you think that you’re one of my slaves just so I can get the proof I want to show all the femdoms what a fake you are and sooner or later all will know. This loser goes by the name manidipaslave on Twitter. Each time a domme post that he doesn’t pay and he’s nothing but a time waster he cries foul, calls her names and says she’s lying. Well this time it will be a bit different. I know he will start screaming White Mistress is a liar just like he does with all the Mistresses, but this time I have proof of what a sad useless loser he is. I played him, and I took screen shots, and that is what I like to call the proof is in the pudding baby! You will notice how he says he will pay, and then goes into his watch me on cam, will you do this to me, will you do that, all so he can get a free wank and cum without ever paying. When put on the spot and told he wasn’t getting anything till he paid he told one lie after another about paying and his problems getting to the money at that time. But the one excuse that amuses me the most is where he said he would have to go home and ask his Mom for his credit card. Fuck me but that one is funny as hell. A grown man wanting blackmail that has to go to mom for money that one has tears rolling down my face from laughter. So here we go ladies and gents, slaves and subs, let the show begin.

Below you will see the screenshots and yes they’re many…

PS: Shitlicker I know you’re stupid so I thought I would clear this up for you. You are not my slave and never were. How does it feel to be the one played for a change? LMAO!

loser12 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

loser31 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

This screenshot shows where he needs to go home and ask his mom.

loser41 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

loser51 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Notice he said he ran home, but didn’t he say before he had to go home to ask mom?

loser81 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Note once again he has to go home for his credit card

loser91 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Now he has to drive 3 hours to get his credit card

loser101 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Here he states he’s not a fake and Russian Mistress is lying. See a trend here?

loser111 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Still lying and still thinking he can play me.

loser141 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Still trying to play me.

loser151 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

And still like a broken record.

loser161 300x168 Aryan Goddess has fun with Fake Blackmail Slave

Aryan Goddess Foot Worship

I thought I would give you losers a treat today, a nice view of my lovely feet. Well alright to be honest when gazing upon to picture I’ve added you get to take in the whole beautiful package that is me the Aryan Goddess of your dreams. When I look at this pic it brings to mind one of my slaves crawling on all fours toward my soft pale feet. He longs to worship them, to fondle them, lick them and oh yes to adore them. Only the lucky few will get to bow before me there Aryan Queen, so the question you have to ask yourself is; do you have what it takes to be one of the lucky groveling few?

footworship 225x300 Aryan Goddess Foot Worship